This manifesto was designed to answer some fundamental questions – and trust us, the answers to the following questions are as critical to us as they are to you. If a highly ambitious young tech company—and every employee in it— cannot answer these questions easily and with passion, then we are wasting a lot of people’s time and money.

Why do we exist?

We exist because we strongly believe that there has been no fundamental innovation in data protection and management for primary storage for the last two decades. Data storage is unnecessarily complex, costly, and Inefficient. 

We talked to a lot of people. Many of our customers and key opinion leaders in the industry shared this view. With this shared perspective and clear mandate, we decided to do something about it.

Who is Reduxio?

In 2012, a group of storage industry veterans, including several who helped commercialize the last major data storage innovations while working as very low badge number employees at the last wave of iconic storage industry disrupters, founded Reduxio, along with some of the top architectural minds in the industry.

Their shared vision was to redefine data management and protection and design a new data storage architecture that leveraged but remained independent from existing and future processing, networking and media technologies.

What do we stand for?

First and foremost, we stand for improving our customer’s businesses. Nothing is more important to us. Nothing.

We stand for design

We believe strongly in user-centric design.
As Leonardo Da Vinci, the great Italian Renaissance inventor and artist famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.“ We agree. A highly sophisticated and high performing product doesn’t have to appear be complex although you’d never know it from the way the industry has historically designed its systems.  

Everything is designed. Very few things are designed well. It’s easy to make a complex system appear complex. We stand for making complex systems easy in every way! We were inspired by the same simplicity of design that Steve Jobs, Jony Ive and the extraordinary team, that brought Apple’s legendary line of products to market. One look at our UI will confirm this. Or the front bezel on our system.  Our customers tell us that they love our UI. Yes, we know. It isn’t something you’ve ever heard about a storage system before. Neither did we.

We always start with first principles. We look at what our prospective customers need in order to perform their jobs most effectively, without being held back by outdated conventional wisdom or artificial constraints like how they are doing it today. Only when we intimately understand our customer requirements does the architecting of our system begin. This approach has led to several celebrated architectural breakthroughs, including Backdating ™, enabling the unique ability to recover data to the granularity of any single second, which has essentially obsoleted the need for IT professionals to take periodic snapshots.

We stand for taking on really big challenges

What we do is hard. The harder the problem, once solved, brings the most value. When we first sought to raise funds, the experts said that our break-through architectural design was impossible. We respectfully disagreed. To us, “impossible is nothing” and we did it anyway.

Why did the experts say that it was impossible? Simply because we did not take a myopic view of storage. We weren’t held back by standard conventions like snap-shots. Backup cycles. Performance penalties for in-line dedupe and compression. We were working in the vortex - at the point of convergence of many emerging technologies. Lots of tech risk.

We started with a clean sheet of paper. No more kluges. No more compromises. Just pure white space for disruptive design. Of course, big ideas require disciplined execution. Just like our inspirational benchmark DaVinci, we took a Renaissance approach- meaning a broadly holistic one- that combined many disciplines- from user experience and industrial design to game design to computer science to database design to data science to virtualization to network design to server hardware design to… you get the picture.

We stand for great people and a rock solid culture

We stand for open innovation. We firmly believe that the world is full of smart, talented, creative, dedicated people. University and graduate students. Mid-career professionals. Grey-bearded veterans.

We embrace them all. We run open and internal hackathons. Manage large scale formal internship programs. Collaborate with other startups that are themselves disrupting something that is important to us because we want to be on the cutting edge – of design, engineering, testing, logistics, marketing and yes, selling. We live for this.

We stand for open, collaborative workspaces. The same empathy and human centric - approach that went into the design of our products went into the design of our offices, both in Israel and South San Francisco. These award-winning spaces cultivate intensive collaboration that drives high performing teams and innovation.

We stand for whatever it takes

We stand for absolutely maniacal customer support. Own the problem. Work to completion. Get it right. Period.

We are far from perfect. But, if something- anything - is not exactly right, we will move heaven and earth to make it so, no matter the time and effort required.
Keeping our customers up and running and happy – yes, happy, is not an empty saying at Reduxio – it’s a way of life, a mindset, a cultural touchstone. It’s what we live for.

Our Values

We value people that challenge convention, as our founders did. Not being rebels for rebellion’s sake, but open-minded realists that can build and deliver technology that solves hard problems.

Our Personality

We are outspoken and informal. We are outgoing and energetic—sometimes extreme. But respectful and highly professional.

How we Look

We are casual and authentic. We are diverse. We hail from many countries, and speak with many accents, from the US to Israel to Argentina to Canada to Holland to Russia to Mexico to India to Venezuela to the Ukraine, (and even Texas!) and more. We bring ourselves to work each day. We are a mix of 22 and 52 years of age - a combination of youthful energy and deep experience.

How we Sound

We sound beyond technically competent. Because we are. And confident. We require high levels of both to make this work in practice.

Data is important. However, time is collectively our most valuable resource. That’s why we invented the TimeOS. With Reduxio, you can literally turn back time. We hope to show you how this will improve your company’s storage infrastructure, and your own productivity and peace of mind.

What key opinion leaders, influencers and our customers are saying about us?

Please, don’t take our word for it. We’d far prefer that you listen directly to our rapidly growing community of highly enthusiastic, referenceable customers and respected industry experts. For example, Reduxio won Best of VM World and was awarded both Storage Magazine’s and Tech Target’s Storage Product of the Year.

We have won rave reviews from industry experts ESG and IDC and The Register as well as well known blogs like Yellow-Bricks. We were named a “Storage Company Startup to Watch” by Tech Target. Yes, that‘s all pretty cool and validating , but… That said, we realize that its’ our valued existing production customers who will ultimately convince you that we actually got this right. We’ve done our best to make their testimony available to you - in video interviews, written case studies, trade media articles, podcasts, archived webinars, press releases, blog posts and social media posts on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. All of them can be found on our web site and on our “Beyond the Blocks Blog”.

Give us a try. We’ll change your business!