WE EXIST BECAUSE WE FIRMLY BELIEVE that there has been no fundamental innovation in data management and data protection architecture for the last two decades. In 2012, a group of storage industry veterans founded Reduxio with the vision to redefine data management and protection and design a new data storage architecture that leveraged but remained independent from existing and future processing, networking, and media technologies.

We stand for improving our customer’s businesses.

Nothing is more important to us. We believe firmly in user-centric design. A highly sophisticated and high performing product doesn’t have to appear to be complex. We stand for making complex systems easy in every way!

We stand for taking on considerable challenges.

When we first sought to raise funds, the experts said that our break-through architectural design was impossible. We respectfully disagreed.

We stand for absolutely maniacal customer support. Own the problem. Work to completion. Get it right. Period.

We are far from perfect. However, if something – anything –  is not exactly right, we will move heaven and earth to make it so, no matter the time and effort required. Keeping our customers up and running and happy – yes, happy, is not an empty saying at Reduxio  – it’s a way of life, a mindset, a cultural touchstone. It’s what we live for.

OUR PROVEN STORAGE SOLUTION HAS BEEN WIDELY VALIDATED by users across a wide range of industries, from hedge funds, private equity firms and retail banking to global e-commerce, aerospace, and defense, enterprise software development and biotech sectors, and across a broad range of demanding use cases.

WE HAVE WON NUMEROUS AWARDS and have garnered strong industry recognition from leading analysts including Forrester Research, IDC, 451 Group, ESG, and Frost & Sullivan. The 451 Group recently asked, “Has Reduxio reached the end game before anyone else? Forrester named us as “one of 3 vendors disrupting the storage industry.”

WE PRIDE OURSELF ON BEING AT THE VERY FOREFRONT OF MAJOR TECHNOLOGY SHIFTS. We aim to drive the cloud storage revolution by extending our proven architecture and optimizing it to enable the next wave of agile, flexible, elastic, and hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. Our microservices based cloud native storage and data platform have been built to meet the demands of the next generation of applications while simplifying and redefining IT workflows and reducing the overall cost of  IT. We aim to make the dream of infrastructure as code a reality for our customers.