451 Research Publishes Favorable Report on Reduxio’s Primary Storage with Integrated Copy Data Management Capabilities

May 9, 2018

451 Research Publishes Favorable Report on Reduxio’s Primary Storage with Integrated Copy Data Management Capabilities

Analyst Firm Reinforces that Reduxio is Reinventing Storage Industry’s Approach to Data Storage, Management and Protection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) AND TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – May 09, 2018–Reduxio Systems, the innovation leader in unified data storage management and protection solutions for the enterprise, today announced that it has been featured in the 451 Research report, “Reduxio: More than storage, more than back-up free CDM.”


In the report, 451 Research analyst Tim Stammers provides detailed analysis on Reduxio’s HX550 storage solution, focusing on its copy data management (CDM) features. CDM heavily reduces the cost and complexity of creating daily backups and ensuring disaster recovery while making data recovery faster and slashing the number of copies of data kept for a range of purposes. Specifically, HX550 has three major CDM features:

  • BackDating – part of the original Reduxio system, BackDating makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes and ensures no data is lost in the event of a severe disaster.
  • NoRestore® – released in V3 of the HX550 system, NoRestore® eliminates the need for backup and replication technologies by continually maintaining replicated copies of de-duped and compressed data, providing near-zero RPO and RTO.
  • NoMigrate – also included in HX550 V3, NoMigrate delivers instant data migration and data mobility technology built directly into TimeOS, minimizing application downtime for data migration, application migration and storage decommissioning.


“Reduxio is using CDM to give what appears to be a very strong competitive edge to its midrange storage system,” writes Tim Stammers, 451 Research storage analyst. “Reduxio has developed an unusual storage system that uses CDM to address the complexity and problems involved in data backup and disaster recovery.  To our knowledge, no other competitors are offering storage systems that incorporate the same breadth of CDM features as Reduxio’s product.”



“451 Research’s findings reinforce Reduxio’s unique position and pioneering efforts in the market, based on our ability to deliver the world’s first converged primary and secondary storage management platform with built-in data recovery,” said Mike Grandinetti, CMO, and CSO of Reduxio. “Our over-arching mission is to give our customers a comprehensive, yet easy-to-deploy and manage solution that mitigates any challenges and concerns when it comes to both primary and secondary data storage and recovery. This report is yet another strong validation by a key Opinion Leader that Reduxio is a disruptive innovator in the storage space.”


The report concludes, “Reduxio is not selling stand-alone CDM, but primary storage with built-in CDM. Has Reduxio reached the end game before anybody else?”



Read the full report here: https://www.flipsnack.com/reduxio/451-research-report-on-reduxio.html


About Reduxio Systems

Reduxio is redefining data management and protection with the world’s first converged primary and secondary storage management platform.  Based on the patented TimeOS™ storage operating system, Reduxio provides breakthrough storage efficiency and performance, and the unique ability to recover data to any second, far exceeding anything available on the market today. Reduxio’s unified storage platform is designed to deliver near-zero RPO and RTO as a feature of its storage system, while significantly simplifying the data protection process and providing built-in data replication for disaster recovery. Reduxio is backed by C5 Capital Cloud Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Carmel Ventures, Intel (NASDAQ:  INTC) and Seagate Technology PLC (NASDAQ:  STX). Learn more at www.reduxio.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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