Reduxio Improves Operational Efficiency for BFL Canada’s Virtual Infrastructure with Data Recovery and Protection Solutions

March 26, 2018

Reduxio Improves Operational Efficiency for BFL Canada’s Virtual Infrastructure with Data Recovery and Protection Solutions

One of Canada’s oldest & largest financial services firms sees significant cost savings and increased efficiency using Reduxio’s industry leading unified primary and secondary storage platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 26, 2018 – Reduxio Systems announced today it has optimized IT operations for BFL Canada, a financial services firm based in Montreal, Canada, by implementing its signature TimeOS™  storage operating system and its unique BackDating™, NoRestore and NoMigrate  capabilities to achieve breakthrough results in time and cost savings as a result of data management and recovery through its converged primary and secondary storage management platform.


Headquartered in Montreal, BFL Canada is one of Canada’s largest insurance brokers with 19 offices across the country.  With more than 1000 users, BFL Canada runs an entirely virtualized infrastructure, requiring a sophisticated yet user friendly advanced set up. To address their high volume of data inventory as well as their recovery issues, BFL Canada IT administrators looked to transition from their current storage platforms to the Reduxio TimeOS™ storage operating system and its unique BackDating™ capability, allowing users to recover application data to any second in the past while eliminating most of the complexity associated with managing storage.


Facing a high volume of daily transactions, which requires the ability to manage high input/output operations per second (IOPS), BFL Canada turned to Reduxio for a solution that could fulfill its data storage and management requirements. Since deploying Reduxio, BFL Canada has experienced significant success due to Reduxio’s ability to provide the capability of secondary storage management and instant data recovery features. The upgrade allowed for more efficient management within BFL Canada’s IT operations, alleviating significant labor productivity penalties for its IT employees through a more balanced allocation of resources and deliverables with its IT team members.


“By implementing Reduxio’s TimeOS™ and BackDating™ across the different BFL IT sites, Reduxio has proven to be a stellar enterprise solution that also provides optimal secondary data management for the company’s recovery point and recovery time objectives,” says Jorge Barreto, enterprise architect for BFL Canada and a certified VMWare Design Expert. “After going through a rigorous proof of concept process, Reduxio matched our needs exactly in terms near-zero RPO and RTO ensuring immediate ease of use of the product.”


In addition to streamlining IT accessibility to its virtualized infrastructure, BFL employees also greatly benefit from Reduxio’s technology by experiencing two times faster file access with flash-based storage and dramatically reduced average latency times. Reduxio was also able to set-up the system and have it up and running production workloads in less than 20 minutes.


After experiencing first hand success with implementation and usage, the BFL IT team recommended Reduxio to one of its Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) partners,  CognoSystems, a Toronto, Canada-based Value Added Reseller (VAR) and MSP specializing in public, private and hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. Using CognoSystems’ approach, customers can protect their environment, democratize the cloud and achieve operational flexibility.


“CognoSystems is regularly looking for new innovative solutions to help support our clients’ IT infrastructure and data protection policies,” said Logan Davidson, CognoSystems Managing Director. “We are thrilled to be partnered with Reduxio, offering it within our service suite as well as implementing Reduxio internally as our own data inventory continues to grow. Reduxio simplified the process of storage management, scale, data protection and increased overall efficiency allowing us to drive a higher level or service and integration for our clients.”


“Data remains at the core of the financial services industry.  The mission critical need to manage, store, and protect application data remains a critical part of any IT business strategy,” said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing and corporate strategy officer, Reduxio. “We’re proud to be working with our customer BFL Canada and our partner CognoSystems to address important problems.  It’s validating that our signature data management and protection solutions are providing them with highly impactful solutions that allows for operational efficiency and immediate data recovery. IT organizations are under constant threat, and it remains Reduxio’s top priority to protect our customers and their data.”


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