Reduxio Unveils World’s First Unified Primary and Secondary Storage Platform with Built-in Disaster Recovery and Copy Data Management Capabilities

June 22, 2017

Reduxio Unveils World’s First Unified Primary and Secondary Storage Platform with Built-in Disaster Recovery and Copy Data Management Capabilities

Reduxio V3 Obsoletes Snapshot Backups, Restores Data in Near-Zero RPO/RTO and Enables Instant Data Migration Across Multiple Systems.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) AND TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – June 22, 2017Reduxio Systems, the innovation leader in unified  data storage management and protection solutions for the enterprise, announced today the availability of Reduxio V3, the latest generation of Reduxio that delivers the most effective storage solutions for the most demanding enterprise infrastructures and  applications. Reduxio V3 represents a critical move toward a highly available, self-healing and self-recovering system designed to deliver near-zero RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective), while significantly simplifying the data protection process and providing built-in data replication for disaster recovery.


The latest generation of Reduxio comes at a time when, according to IDC research, nearly two-thirds of organizations are not fully confident that they could recover their data in the event of a significant disaster. At the same time, IDC research has also found that the most common target for RPO is one hour, and the most common target for RTO is four hours[1]. Clearly, backup and recovery software alone cannot meet this service level requirement. To meet the business-driven service level requirements of today’s global enterprises, IT organizations have found that no one product or technology can deliver data protection to meet the data recovery and availability needs of the business.


“The founding vision of Reduxio was based on a simple principle— redefine data storage management and protection by taking advantage of new processing, networking and media technologies,” said Mark Weiner, Reduxio’s Founder and CEO. “Over the years, our customers made it painfully clear to us how unnecessarily complex and redundant legacy solutions are. Version 3.0 continues to address our customer’s evolving needs with a software-defined approach, providing a unified data storage, management and protection platform.  We are excited about the early customer reaction to Reduxio V3and helping them to solve their most demanding storage challenges.”


Reduxio V3 expands its flash-based architecture, controlled by the company’s patented TimeOS operating system, and its ability to instantly recover data from any second in time by unifying previously separate capabilities with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management. Reduxio’s newly-introduced storage services enable enterprises to address the Performance vs Capacity tradeoff, as well as solve other data management challenges, such as building advanced data protection directly into storage.


New and existing Reduxio V3 features and capabilities include:


New in Reduxio V3

  • NoRestore provides near-zero RPO /RTO data protection with instant restore ability for systems with >100 TB
  • NoMigrate delivers instant data migration and data mobility technology built directly into TimeOS


Updated in Reduxio V3

  • Backdating™ makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes
  • NoDup stores 7X more data with in-line, in-memory global deduplication and compression with unparalleled storage efficiency and density
  • Tier-X™ offers continuous autonomous multi-level tiering, integrating flash and disk in a single storage pool
  • StorSense™ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) support infrastructure for collecting and processing data reported from Reduxio systems


The Reduxio V3 user interface uses HTML-5 that enables drag-and drop widgets to create a customized dashboard. Users can utilize a global search feature, point-in-time restore, and set policies from the dashboard. The interface also provides instant restore of virtual machine images, making it particularly well suited to VDI implementations.


“CPP has an increased need for Copy Data Management capabilities to drive our company’s analytics & business intelligence. However, these capabilities are traditionally separate from primary storage which could have forced us to purchase additional components and add more complexity to our infrastructure,” said Michael Johnson, ‎director of global infrastructure and desktop support at CPP. “Reduxio V3 has solved this problem, and will become our de facto storage platform, integrating previously separate capabilities and making our data available instantly in different systems across our various global locations in the US and the UK.”


“Businesses increasingly demand 100-percent uptime with no data loss, or what IDC refers to as the “new race to zero” – 0 RPO and 0 RTO,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC. “Reduxio’s V3 system has many of the elements of a data management and protection environment built-in as part of its primary storage functionality.  Reduxio’s systems are designed to support application workloads, yet due to the time stamp and NoRestore functionality, the solution is also designed to deliver an even lower RPO and RTO than typical snapshots, without the complexity of restoring multiple snapshots to complete some recoveries. It is also worth noting that the Reduxio system would generally eliminate the need for a separate purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA), further reducing cost and complexity for many organizations.”


“Reduxio is a game-changer for our managed service practice. Our customers value their time as much as their data, and Reduxio provides a unified solution for architecting their storage environment,” said Seth Seagraves, President at Halski Systems. “Reduxio V3 will now enable businesses to seamlessly access, secure, and replicate their data while reducing RPO / RTO from hours and days to seconds and minutes—all the while maintaining stringent budget requirements and world class customer service. We intend to lead the way in the managed services industry and our partnership with Reduxio is going to help us get there.”


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About Reduxio

Reduxio is redefining data management and protection with the world’s first unified primary and secondary storage platform.  Based on the patented TimeOS storage operating system, Reduxio provides breakthrough storage efficiency and performance, and the unique ability to recover data to any second, far exceeding anything available on the market today. Reduxio’s unified storage platform is designed to deliver near-zero RPO and RTO as a feature of its storage system, while significantly simplifying the data protection process and providing built-in data replication for disaster recovery. Reduxio is backed by C5 Capital Cloud Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Carmel Ventures, Intel (NASDAQ:  INTC) and Seagate Technology PLC (NASDAQ:  STX). Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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[1] IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Reduxio, Reduxio: Taking Data Protection to the Next Level with Unified Storage Platform, June 2017