Connect and protect Windows-based
applications using Microsoft VSS.

Data recovery to any second for Microsoft-based applications.

  • Native application-consistent backups.

  • Works with leading Microsoft-based backup applications.

  • Instantly recover Microsoft applications from any precise second in the past.

  • VSS Integration – RSMW supports the standard Microsoft VSS API.

  • Data protection with no performance impact, period.

  • Connection kit for Microsoft Windows Server.

  • Reduxio VSS Hardware Provider.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher.

Download the software:

Manage storage using the same
tools you already know.
Application-aware management software.
Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V
Recover Microsoft Hyper-V VMs and Windows disks to any second.
Partnering with Microsoft
Reduxio storage provides unique values to Microsoft customers in the areas of infrastructure, virtualization and applications.