Maximize your capacity savings with
in-line, in-memory deduplication and compression

Why store the same blocks again and again when you can dedupe them upfront with NoDup®?

  • In-line, In-memory - Performed before the data gets written to media, increasing the effective cache size and usable capacity

  • All data is deduped and compressed on the fly. No need to give up reduction as a compromise for performance

  • Global reduction across cache, flash and disks, across volumes, clones and history

  • Store up to 7X more data - Combined block-level dedupe and compression

  • Single copy of VMs - Hot, duplicate VM data blocks only stored once in memory, maximizing VM performance with minimal capacity waste

Why NoDup®?

The NoDup® engine removes duplicated data and compresses everything else. This occurs on ingest off-the-wire so no duplicate data is ever stored anywhere in the system, including RAM, SSD and HDD tiers, volumes, clones or history.

Not all dedupe technologies are created the same.
Learn about the four types of data deduplication technologies.

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4.7X More Space for VMs and Applications - Dingley Press