Get all your applications on flash

Optimize your storage by storing (not caching) hot data
on flash, and the rest on high capacity.

  • Adapts to changing workloads in real-time

  • Offers maximum capacity - all media used to store data (no caching)

  • Optimized for each media type to improve performance and durability

  • Fully-automated, requiring no configuration, no policies, and no schedules

  • Provides fine-grain tiering of deduped and compressed data

Why Tier-X?

An enterprise storage system has dual purpose: Store data for long periods of time and serve it to the applications with low latency and high throughput. While the introduction of flash storage promised much higher performance, there is a cost premium over high-capacity disk drives. This trend is going to continue in the future as newer, faster and more expensive media types are being introduced.

Do you know about the 4 types of flash storage?
Make an informed decision when choosing a flash array.

Check out how our customers benefit from Tier-X.
9X Faster VDI boot times - Barnstable Police Department.