NoRestore® Product Brief

Consolidate primary storage, backup, DR, copy data management and cloud connectivity. Use the NoRestore® repository to instantly recover data to any Reduxio System

NoMigrate™ Product Brief

Tired of endless migrations? Instant data teleporting with NoMigrate™. Instantly migrate data and access it without waiting for the actual data copy.

BackDating® Product Brief

Backdating™ makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes. Working like a continuous data recorder, BackDating™ lets you instantly recover from any moment in history down to the second.

HX550 Product Brief

HX550 Series Enterprise flash storage with built-in data protection and copy data management capabilities and exceptional performance and efficiency. High-performance primary storage converged with secondary storage capabilities – a unique, built-in”time machine” and copy data management.

NoDup® Product Brief

Maximum capacity savings with in-line in-memory block-level dedupe and compression.

Tier-X™ Product Brief

Continuous autonomous multi-level tiering integrating flash and disk in a single storage pool.

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