Recover from Ransomware using BackDating™

Watch the demo on how you can recover from Ransomware using BackDating. You don’t have to worry about Ransomware, you can sit back & relax

Demo – Recovering a Database Using Reduxio BackDating

Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing, demonstrates recovering a deleted database using Reduxio’s BackDating technology.

Introduction to Reduxio

Jim is facing serious storage challenges. Who can help him out?

Reduxio Architecture Overview with Jacob Cherian

Jacob Cherian, Vice President of Product Management and Product Strategy, introduces Reduxio and discusses how it can be used by businesses to recover lost databases and virtual machines. Recorded at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld on September 1, 2015.

VMWorld 2015: Reduxio Systems presenting in Mellanox booth

“Recover Data To Any Second, Flash for Every Application; Making Flash Affordable, Eliminating Complexity in Storage Environments ” presented by Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing, Reduxio Systems. Recorded in Mellanox booth during VMworld 2015 on September 1, 2015.

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